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Should I Pre-arrange My Funeral?

Pre-planning of your final arrangements is available at Campbell-New. It costs nothing to plan your wishes and will save a lot of unanswered questions

Plan types include: Funded Pre-Planning, Unfunded Pre-Planning, and SSI-Medicaid Approved Plans

We will be glad to answer any questions you have concerning any or all aspects of our professional service, and to plan a tribute for you or your loved one that is as unique as the life this tribute celebrates.  We are often amazed at the people whom never give any thought to this event in life’s journey or the expense it may bring, be it modest or elaborate. We counsel many people on planning for this, and the financial aspects of it when they are not emotionally stressed.

Remember…you may never use your car insurance…you may never use your house insurance…  But sometime you will need your burial insurance.

People don’t select a doctor for medical treatment, a lawyer for legal representation or any other professional service on price alone…
When comparing our level of service, facilities and staff with our fees, you will find you get more than your money's worth.



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